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Background 背景

  • UK Industrial Strategy, China National Plan, P2P 英国工业战略,中国十三五规划, 中英人文交流,中英政府共同推动
  • Funding established through BEIS 政府提供种子基金支持
  • Business Energy and Industrial Strategy
  • Supported by the British Council, China 英国文化教育协会协助管理
  • Coordinated by UK and China Secretariat Institutions (QUB, SEU) 中英秘书单位协调


Timeline 大事记

  • Proposed December 2016, Approved January 2017, Official launching in Nanjing on 25th May 2017, 2016年底申请, 2017年初批准, 2017年5月25日在南京正式成立, 9所中国高校,6所英方高校
  • 26 PhD students from across the Consortium took participation in the first Future Engineers’ Leadership & Innovation Academy (FELIA) in November 2017, 2017年11月未来工程师领导与创新学院首批学员培训正式开始
  • Consortium statement signed at the fifth annual UK-China High-Level People-to-People (P2P) Dialogue, 4-7 December 2017, London, 2017年12月中英第五次高级别人文交流机制签署协议
  • Thematic workshops in Cardiff and Birmingham, joint manufacturing center established,大学联盟展开多种活动
  • University of Liverpool, Cambridge University, University of Leeds joined the Consortium, September 2018, 2018年9月利物浦大学,剑桥大学及利兹大学作为第二批成员加入联盟


Objectives 中英大学联盟目标

  • Large scale, coordinated staff and research student exchanges and training 大规模教育合作
  • Large scale platform with dedicated infrastructure to tackle challenging research topics in energy and manufacturing 大规模科研合作
  • Sustainable forum 中英可持续交流平台
  • A UK-China knowledge exploitation platform 中英产学研合作平台


Motivations 产学研合作平台背景

  • One of the key deliverables for UCEER 大学联盟的主要行动计划之一
  • In response to UK industry strategy and China’s national plan 适应中英国家产业战略发展的需求
  • In response to regional development needs in UK and China适应不同地区发展的需求
  • Generate tangible and greater societal and economic impacts through collaborative knowledge transfer activities among leading institutions and industry in the UK and China 充分挖掘中英大学联盟的潜力,扩大影响


Aims and Objectives of UK-China Knowledge Exploitation Platform 中英产学研合作平台目标

  • An international platform for knowledge transfer activities 产学研交流的国际平台Identify key industrial needs and challenges 着眼产业需求及挑战
  • Access to new technologies in world leading institutions, and facilitate knowledge transfer activities 连接世界级大学,促进产学研中英合作
  • Train and nature a large number of future UK and China engineering innovators and business leaders 培养中英世界级未来工程发明家与企业领袖
  • Support regional innovation and development 支持区域创新及发展


Mechanism Proposal 机制

  • Knowledge Exploitation Forum and Innovation Competition: Annual platform to promote all-around knowledge transfer activities: information exchange, knowledge dissemination, project publicity, partnershipbuilding, policy debate, selection of most attractive projects, and investment negotiations.
  • Regional Innovation Centres: support regional innovation and development in collaboration with local governments and local universities
  • FELIA: Train and nature future UK and China engineering innovators and business leaders
  • University Knowledge Transfer Partnership Alliance: Alliance of KTP offices in UK and China universities to liaison with industry
  • Industry partnership alliance: Alliance of industrial partners


Preparation Action Plan

  • Form committees and identify task group champions
  • Registration of expert groups
  • Membership of knowledge transfer partnership alliance
  • Membership of industry partnership alliance
  • FELIA and Innovation
  • Annual forum and innovation competition – tournament plan
  • Regional centers in cooperation with local universities and governments
  • Formal launching in 2019