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Whole-System approach to cost effective decarbonisation of Industrial, Transport, Heat and Electricity Sectors—Goran Strbac

Power Electronics in Transport—Jon Clare

My past and Engineering tomorrows Future—Douglas Oakervee

Rethinking design to enable intelligent manufacturing—Mark Price

Making the case for control at the nexus of smart energy, intelligent manufacturing and transportation systems—Sarah Spurgeon

Challenges and Opportunities for the Global Rail Industry—Clive Roberts

Power for the 21st century—Tim Coombs

AC Filterless Flexible LCC HVDC to support energy integration—Xiaoping Zhang

Learning from a University Campus Multi-Vector Energy System towards Optimal Energy Usage—Jihong Wang

Smart local energy systems—Jianzhong Wu

Network Innovation Competition Projects on Electricity Networks and Transport System—James Yu

Regional smart energy: prospects and recent development—Pingliang Zeng

Redox flow battery technology – from vanadium flow battery to next generation systems—Peter Fischer

From control to artificial intelligence in future sustainable energy systems – A systematic perceptive—Xia Hong

Artificial Intelligence in the Power System – a new way of thinking—Zhibo Ma

Key technologies for the novel solar driven heating and cooling systems—Xudong Zhao

Smart Energy Systems—Kang Li, Petros Aristidou, Ben Chong, Li Zhang, Sadegh Azizi

Commercial spin-out makes a difference in gaining research impact—Raymond Kwan